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More than just a compliance firm...

MSTARS is synonomous with excellence.

For more than  two decades, MSTARS has led the way and become a catalyst of change within the general Consumer Financial Hardship Industry. From compliance expertise and model development to profitability engines and scaling strategies, MSTARS has provided critical leadership and unwavering character throughout its history.

At the helm of MSTARS Global is our founder and president, Matthew Hearn. Matthew is a lifelong entrepreneur that has been given the title of a Waymaker. He finds connections where there seems to be only chaos. As a visionary leader, Matthew is able to see clearly where trends in the marketplace will lead and is able to capably navigate companies into position to prepare, posture, pivot and profit. At the base of our vision is compliance. Without a foundation of state and federal compliance to existing rules, any business operating without it will ultimately fail. We operate with transparency, integrity and in truth. We will relentlessly pursue excellence and can help you grow and thrive in every area of your business and life.

MSTARS Global Enterprises oversees the the following brands.

Revolution Debt Relief and Financial Services Convention (REVCON)
MSTARS Elite Training Systems
INNOV8 Consulting and Transformation Workshops
MSTARS Advanced Compliance Consulting
NDCCC National Debt Consultant Compliance Certification System
OCCAM Organization of Compliant Credit Account Managers

25 Years of experience in compliance and operational expertise

MSTARS is the absolute leader in compliance and operational excellence within the Consumer Financial Hardship Industry. Our vision is to create a safe place for consumers to get qualified assistance in an environment that makes it virtually impossible for a consumer to be harmed.


Revolution Convention

The Consumer Financial Hardship Industry's Largest Cross-Vertical Event.


MSTARS Training System

Industry leading compliance consulting, training and certification firm.


OCCAM Alliance

OCCAM is a self-regulatin,g cross-vertical consumer advocacy ecosystem

Compliance Certifications

The most robust certification training and testing environment in the industry.

American Dream TV

Matthew Hearn and Eran Sinai

MSTARS own Matthew Hearn discusses the current industry issues with Eran Sinai on American Dream TV before our REVCON 2018 Event.

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Revcon is the largest cross-vertical debt relief and financial services convention. Speakers include the CFPB and the FTC as well as thought leaders and business pioneers from every area of business and life. With over 60 exhibitors and 15 sponsors, this event has been attended by over 1,000 CEOs involved in this arena.

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